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Blessing Museki
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I am trying to follow the Developing Bots using BDK for Python, but I'm having a problem when I try to run the bot using command py -m src I am getting the e...
0 Problem with bot authentication

The config file is as below. It's the one I got from the sandbox details sent by email. I just overwrote the default one created by the generator. I also copied the RSA files into the RSA folder, to match the config file.

host: develop2.symphony.com
    username: devcertbot1895
        path: rsa/devcertbot1895-private.pem
2 years ago
0 Problem with bot authentication

I have confirmed I have no proxy configured anywhere on my home network (I would have been surprised if there was). I have checked using Internet Explorer> Internet options>Connections>LAN Settings. I have also checked with commandline netsh winhttp show proxy, and it clearly says " Direct access (no proxy server)." Yet I'm still unable to connect. The thing is, when I try to connect with default port 443, the system bombs out completely with the below error on trying to start the datafeed:...

2 years ago
0 Problem with bot authentication

Thanks Yong for your quick response! Let me follow your instructions, and I will update on here how things go.

2 years ago