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messages from Grafana to Symphony clients


i would like to create some sort of BOT so i would be able to send message from my Grafana system,
to my Symphony client (and i have clients that uses symphony) so they want to recieve the alerts.
first thing first i want to be able to get the alert to my client, but i seems i am circling without the ability to solve this.

i am following instructions here:

the first instructions where easy. i have a running Grafana servers, installed a docker image that translating slack message to MessageML format suitable for symphony.

now i need to create a hook. i was told to add "symhook service account" - but here i have blocker. no idea how to add this, how to hook it up to my user
how to obtain the webhook, etc.

i've inrolled to developement program and recieved all the nececary files, the private/public key, etc.

but i am stuck here.

do you know how to help me?

Thank you

Posted 2 years ago
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0 Answers
2 years ago
2 years ago