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How I can get the UID or the email address from @mentioned name in the message recevied by my bot?

Hi Team,

I am developing a bot to collaborate with an external system.
When my bot receives a message with @metioned someone, the bot needs to indentify the user id or the email address of the @mentioned name in order to initiate anothre process in the external system for the @mentioned user.

I think the name, for example, "Seimei Kurosawa" with @mention in the received message is not unique so I cannot identify the exact individual by this name.
Is this correct understanding?

<div data-format="PresentationML" data-version="2.0" class="wysiwyg"><p><span class="entity" data-entity-id="0">@Seimei Kurosawa</span> ...

Is there any way to find the individual identification from @mentioned from the received message or event?

Thanks for your help in advance,

Posted 11 months ago
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You can either use the Activities API and specify an @mention argument, or use a manual RealTimeEventListener. The User ID is contained within the event but you'll need an additional call to obtain other user attributes like email address.

Activities API

activities = bdk.activities()
@activities.slash(command = "/hello1 {@user}", mention_bot = False)
async def hello(context: CommandContext):
    user_id = context.arguments.get_mention('user').user_id
    email = (await bdk.users().list_users_by_ids(user_ids=[ user_id ])).users[0].email_address
    await bdk.messages().send_message(context.stream_id, f"User ID is {user_id} {email}")


datafeed_loop = bdk.datafeed()
class MessageListener(RealTimeEventListener):
    async def on_message_sent(self, initiator: V4Initiator, event: V4MessageSent):
        msg = message_parser.get_text_content_from_message(event.message)
        mentions = message_parser.get_mentions(event.message)
        if (msg.startswith('/hello2') and len(mentions) > 0):
            user_id = mentions[0]
            email = (await bdk.users().list_users_by_ids(user_ids=[ user_id ])).users[0].email_address
            await bdk.messages().send_message(event.message.stream.stream_id, f"User ID is {user_id} {email}")
Posted 10 months ago
Yong Sheng Tan
39 × 2 Administrator
1 Answer
11 months ago
10 months ago