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Stephen Cunningham
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Good afternoon, New here and new to Symphony - I'm playing my noob card and it won't be the first time! I've been tasked with looking into extracts. To that ...
one year ago
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I'm referring to the export (or extract) of messages from the Symphony system to whatever file format is relevant for us to do our part. We are auditors, and check client data for a whole range of potential breaches. We want to get access to the Symphony data - via Content Export presumably - but as we don't use Symphony we would like to understand how that works and what the result looks like.

I have no idea what a pod is, never mind a pod adminstrator. Again, I assume our client would an...

one year ago
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Hi @<1285525906797891584|Yong Sheng Tan>, thanks for responding.

I understand. As lead developer on the project I am in fact trying to educate myself on the extract process and the resultant output.

Looks like the best approach is to use the admin documentation to learn the process.

one year ago