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Get room name from message

I am writing a Java bot and reading the datafeed for messages.
When receiving a message, how do I get the name of the room where the message was sent?

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You can use the streams service to get room info, then extract the room name in the roomAttributes object.

BDK 2.0:

bdk.datafeed().subscribe(new RealTimeEventListener() {
  public void onMessageSent(V4Initiator initiator, V4MessageSent event) {
    String streamId = event.getMessage().getStream().getStreamId();
    String roomName = bdk.streams().getRoomInfo(streamId).getRoomAttributes().getName();
    bdk.messages().send(streamId, "Hello in room: " + roomName);


String streamId = msg.getStream().getStreamId();
String roomName = botClient.getStreamsClient()
    new OutboundMessage("Hello in room: " + roomName));
Posted 3 years ago
Edited 3 years ago
Yong Sheng Tan
39 × 2 Administrator

You can filter the payload to only include the rooms via parmaters such as "active": true, by modofying the body json:


question as extension to this one:

if I have few archived chat rooms which are not visible in deleop.symphony.com, how do I filter out these few archived / in-active chatrooms from returned data feed streams ?


Posted 2 years ago