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Yong Sheng Tan
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1 Getting Invalid domain error while connecting to app from other domain

Unfortunately, the Extension API does not support this model of different Extension Apps invoking each others' services by design. Some customers have asked for this feature in the past and the product team is continuing to evaluate the ask, so we appreciate your feedback on this as it helps us drive the roadmap.

one year ago
1 Invalid Command Activity Message

You can define additional slash command handlers that accept a wildcard regular expression behind to serve as a catch-all.

bdk.activities().register(slash("/Help", false, context -> {
	// Regular logic

bdk.activities().register(slash("/Help .*", false, context -> {
	// Invalid usage logic
one year ago
0 List all system features

Unfortunately, not at this point in time. That endpoint is used to list every entitlement feature available in the current pod so it seems unlikely to be used in an automation context. Maybe you can elaborate on the workflow you are trying to achieve and file it as a feature request on the BDK repo.


What is available is the user features endpoint, available via userService.getFeatureEntitlements(long userId) as well as the ability to u...

11 months ago
0 Run multiple bots in the same instance
  1. Yes, it does. This is more straightforward in projects that do not use the Spring integration since you have to explicitly name the configurations and create instances of SymphonyBdk. The Spring integration assumes the use of 1 primary bot, so a bit of explicit definition is required.

  2. No concerns specifically around authentication or datafeed polling, other than both bots sharing the same compute resources. The one thing to note is that you cannot use the default datafeed configura...

one year ago