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Getting Invalid domain error while connecting to app from other domain

There are two apps A & B. App A is deployed on exampleA.com and B is deployed on exampleB.com . In order to call a service of App A from App B, the App B connects to App A using the command
SYMPHONY.application.connect(<app A ID>)

This logs error in console "Invalid domain exampleA.com".

Please note, if both apps are deployed on same domain, e.g. localhost, this connection is made seamlessly.

Posted 2 years ago
Edited 2 years ago
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Unfortunately, the Extension API does not support this model of different Extension Apps invoking each others' services by design. Some customers have asked for this feature in the past and the product team is continuing to evaluate the ask, so we appreciate your feedback on this as it helps us drive the roadmap.

Posted 2 years ago
Edited 2 years ago
Yong Sheng Tan
39 × 2 Administrator
1 Answer
2 years ago
2 years ago