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Points and Badges

How do I score points and earn badges on this forum?

Posted 3 years ago
Edited 2 years ago
Vinay Mistry
23 × 2 Administrator
Votes Newest


Points can be earned when the following actions occur:
If your answer is voted up+10
If your question is voted up+5
If your comment is voted up+2
If your answer is marked as correct+10
If you marked your own answer as correct+3
If your post gets voted-3
If you downvote a post-1
Badges are issued when these requirements are met:
Nice Profileyour profile is complete (+10 points)
Reporterfor each report you submit
Votervoted more than 100 times
Criticvoted down 10 times
Supportervoted up 50 times (+10 points)
Commentatorposted 100 comments
Editoredited your post for the first time
Back in Timeeach time you restore a post from a revision
Newbieapproved an answer to your question for the first time (+10 points)
Enthusiastreached 100 reputation points
Freshmanreached 300 reputation points
Scholarreached 500 reputation points
Teacherreached 1000 reputation points
Professorreached 5000 reputation points
Geekreached 9000 reputation points
Good Questionyour question reached 20 votes (+10 points)
Good Answeryour answer reached 10 votes (+10 points)
Eureka!every time you answer your own question
Senioryour account is one year old
Disciplinedevery time you delete your own comment
Posted 3 years ago
Edited 3 years ago
Yong Sheng Tan
39 × 2 Administrator
1 Answer
3 years ago
2 years ago