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3 years ago
0 Symphony REST API Search Rooms Query Problem

The Search Rooms request is used to find rooms containing a particular query string. Where the search query is used to reference room names or room descriptions. More information on this endpoint cn be found here https://developers.symphony.com/restapi/reference/search-rooms-v3

The endpoint you would need to use to query all the streams a user is a member of would be the following, https://developers.symphony.com/restapi/reference/list-user-streams

However this will only retu...

one year ago
0 How to get room name from Stream ID

Hi Kunaal,
Here is another example using Java Spring Boot

public class EchoActivity {

  private MessageService messageService;

  private StreamService streamService;

  @Slash("/echo {argument}")
  public void echo(CommandContext context, String argument) {
    V2StreamAttributes Stream = streamService.getStream(context.getStreamId());
    this.messageService.send(context.getStreamId(), "Received argument: " +...
one year ago
0 variable passed as map into form ,how to us it in creating symphony form

Hi Kunaal,
For this use case you can leverage message templating.

Our Poll Bot implementation uses a data object which contains answers to a poll, which is a list of strings, https://github.com/SymphonyPlatformSolutions/symphony-poll-bot-java/blob/main/src/main/java/com/symphony/devrel/pollbot/command/CreatePollFormReply.java#L145-L152

        // Construct poll form and blast to audience
        Map<String, ?> data = Map.of("data", PollBlastData.builder()
one year ago
0 How to get room name from Stream ID

Hi Kunaal,
Here is an example for Java. Note. the class names are usually similar between our Python and Java BDK's.

public class Example {
  public static final String STREAM_ID = "MY_STRING_UD";

  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    // Create BDK entry point
    final SymphonyBdk bdk = new SymphonyBdk(loadFromClasspath("/config.yaml"));

    // Get stream details
    StreamService streams = bdk.streams();
    V2StreamAttributes strea...
one year ago
0 How to get room name from Stream ID

Hi Kunaal,
You can obtain information about a stream using the Stream Info endpoint.

Here is an example of how it can be used with the Python BDK

async def help_command(self, context: CommandContext):
	 room = await self.bdk.streams().get_stream(context.stream_id)
	 return await self._messages.send_message(context.stream_id, "<messageML>Help command triggered</messageML>")

The ...

one year ago
0 Creating check boxes in bot message

Hi Kunaal,
Symphony Elements enables developers to create forms with a variety of data input types for capturing information from an end user. One of those is check boxes.

Here is an example here:

The MessageML to create that is shown below.

  <form id="form_id">
    <checkbox name="id1" value="value01" checked="true">Red</checkbox>
    <checkbox name...
one year ago
1 Symphony Chat forms: Refresh of browser/reload of chat allows for buttons to be pressed again and forms to be filled again

Hi George,
Thank you for the question.

So the behaviour you are seeing is highlighted here in this known limitation, https://docs.developers.symphony.com/building-bots-on-symphony/messages/overview-of-messageml/symphony-elements-1#known-limitations

So there are a couple of options to address this which are detailed below.

Option 1.
To ensure forms are not re-submitted you would need to store the 'form-id' and the userId values in a datastore. Your bot application can then determin...

one year ago
0 Symphony Bot with selenium web driver?

Here is a full example which may help also referenced from the same page shared previously.

from symphony.bdk.core.activity.command import CommandContext
from symphony.bdk.core.config.loader import BdkConfigLoader
from symphony.bdk.core.symphony_bdk import SymphonyBdk

async def run():
    async with SymphonyBdk(BdkConfigLoader.load_from_symphony_dir("config.yaml")) as bdk:
        activities = bdk.activities()
        messages = bdk.messages()

one year ago
0 High Availability and Application Authentication (Circle of Trust)

Hi Imad,
This is due to the /tokens endpoint calling the validateTokens method, which searches the tokensRepository for the requested appToken and checks if it matches the value of the symphonyToken.

The default implementation of the tokensRepository uses an InMemoryTokensRepository, so by running multiple instances round rob...

one year ago
1 Symphony Bot with selenium web driver?

So below is an example in Python on how your bot can extract arguments from a Symphony chat message.

@activities.slash("/echo {first_string_argument} {second_string_argument}")
async def on_echo_string_arguments(context: CommandContext):
#Get string argument with get_string
first_string_argument = context.arguments.get_string("first_string_argument")
# Get string argument with get_as_string
second_string_argument = context.arguments.get_as_string("second_string_argument")
one year ago
0 Do we have any course available for Symphony APP development

Hi, we currently dont have a dedicated course for building Extension Applications on Symphony. However this is something that could change in the future.

In the meantime we do have our Developer Guide documentation which walks you through how to create an Extension Application, which can be found here: https://docs.developers.symphony.com/building-extension-applications-on-symphony/building-extension-applications-on-symphony

one year ago
0 pinnedMessageId

To use message pinning you would first need to create a message within the chat room. Then you would use the UpdateIM API call to pin that particular message at the top of the chatroom.

Here is more documentation on that API call https://developers.symphony.com/restapi/reference/update-im

I have also included a link to an example of using UpdateIM via our Python BDK https://github.com/finos/symphony-bdk-python/blob/main/examples/services/message_update.py

2 years ago
0 retrieve Room ID

You can find the RoomID (aka streamID) by clicking on the timestamp of any message in the conversation. This will open the Message Status module, where the Conversation ID can be found, as shown in the following picture.

More information on streams can be found here, https://docs.developers.symphony.com/building-bots-on-symphony/datafeed/overview-of-streams

2 years ago