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Python 3.10 Error: PROTOCOL_TLS_SERVER

I have created a bot by the BotGenerator.
I have configured the config.yaml by referring the working sample including the firm's proxy setup.
The service account is also properly setup with the generated RSA public key.
When I start my bot in my Windows workstation, I am getting this error.

symphony.bdk.core.auth.bot_authenticator - INFO - Retrying symphony.bdk.core.auth.bot_authenticator.BotAuthenticatorRsa._authenticate_and_get_token in 256.0 seconds as it raised ClientConnectorSSLError: Cannot
connect to host XXXXXX-test.symphony.com:443 ssl:default [Cannot create a client socket with a PROTOCOL_TLS_SERVER context (_ssl.c:801)].

In the same environment, my friend does not have this issue and his bot is working without any error.

Can you advice where I should look into..?


Posted 2 years ago
Edited 2 years ago
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This issue is now fixed with the following PR and published as of release 2.4.0.


Posted 2 years ago
Yong Sheng Tan
39 × 2 Administrator