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List all system features


I have to list all system features(/v1/admin/system/features/list that endpoint). Is there any service in java BDK to do that? If not how I may achive that?


Posted 2 years ago
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Unfortunately, not at this point in time. That endpoint is used to list every entitlement feature available in the current pod so it seems unlikely to be used in an automation context. Maybe you can elaborate on the workflow you are trying to achieve and file it as a feature request on the BDK repo.


What is available is the user features endpoint, available via userService.getFeatureEntitlements(long userId) as well as the ability to update it via userService.updateFeatureEntitlements(long userId, List<Feature> features).

You can choose to implement this yourself using a BDK Extension. Here's a quick example:

public class BotApplication {
  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    final SymphonyBdk bdk = new SymphonyBdk(loadFromClasspath("/config.yaml"));
    List<String> featuresList = FeaturesExt.listFeatures();
    System.out.println(String.join(",", featuresList));
public class FeaturesExt implements BdkExtension, BdkApiClientFactoryAware, BdkAuthenticationAware {
    private static AuthSession authSession;
    private static ApiClient apiClient;

    public void setAuthSession(AuthSession a) { authSession = a; }
    public void setApiClientFactory(ApiClientFactory a) { apiClient = a.getPodClient("/pod"); }

    public static List<String> listFeatures() throws ApiException {
        String path = "/v1/admin/system/features/list";
        String json = "application/json";
        Map<String, String> headers = Map.of("sessionToken", authSession.getSessionToken());
        TypeReference<List<String>> type = new TypeReference<>() {};
        ApiResponse<List<String>> response = apiClient.invokeAPI(path, "GET", null, null, headers, null, null, json, json, null, type);

        if (response.getStatusCode() != 200) {
            throw new ApiException(response.getStatusCode(), "Error");
        return response.getData();
Posted 2 years ago
Edited 2 years ago
Yong Sheng Tan
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2 years ago
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