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Generator Error

I am trying to generate the bdk bot scaffold - using the symphony bot generator. But on running the "yo symphony" command as per the bdk docs, I am getting axios response error:

    _currentUrl: 'http://search.maven.org/solrsearch/select?q=g:org.finos.symphony.bdk',
    [Symbol(kCapture)]: false
  response: undefined,
  isAxiosError: true,
  toJSON: [Function: toJSON]

Error symphony 2.0

Cannot read property 'response' of undefined

Please let me know how I can resolve this.

Posted 2 years ago
Edited 2 years ago
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Hi Ali,

Thanks for your message,

Firstly, we need to make sure that you are using the up-to-date Symphony Generator along with the correct command.

Can you use the Symphony Generator from the FINOS GitHub respository: https://github.com/finos/generator-symphony

If you are using NPM - you can simply use this command to install it:
npm install -g @finos/generator-symphony

The following command will allow you to run the Symphony Generator & generate the BDK bot scaffold:
yo @finos/symphony

Please let us know if you continue have any issues.

Posted 2 years ago
Edited 2 years ago
Kaosar Ahmed
310 × 3 Administrator
1 Answer
2 years ago
2 years ago