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Hello everyone, I generated my Python BDK bot using the Symphony Generator (https://github.com/finos/generator-symphony). When I tried to launch the Python B...
one year ago
0 Trouble starting the Python BDK bot when using macOS - SSL CERTIFICATE VERIFY FAILED

**Solution for the SSL Certificate Verify Failed on macOS **

On the macOS operating system, the Python does not use or install the trusted CA certificates by default.

Therefore, you will need to follow the commands below to correct the SSL issue.

In a nutshell: Python 3.6 onwards does not rely on macOS openSSL anymore.
It comes with its own openSSL bundled and does not have access to the macOS root certificates.

Here are the two available options:


one year ago
0 Person-Selector usage in form in java

Hi Kunaal,

Thank you for your question,

You can only use the MessageML - Person Selector in a specific set of ways, you can have the 'Person Selector' as part of the FreeMarker Template (.FTL).

However, you will not be able to pre-determine the person details such as age and phone number, so it is auto-populated or semi-generated as the end user is entering in the details.

With the MessageML - Person Selector, you will be able to have the person's name shown on the per...

one year ago
0 ECP implementation

Hi Sabarirajan,

Thank you for your patiance,

At the moment, you will need to engage with your Symphony representative in regards to the Symphony ECP.

We currently have the following Symphony ECP documentation, this will be changed in the upcoming months when the documentation is added to the official Symphony Developer Documentation site.

Symphony ECP Documentation: https://symphony-1.gitbook.io/embedded-collaboration-platform-private/

In order for your organisation to use...

one year ago
0 Sandbox doesn't work in customer's environment

Hello Xuyang,

Thank you for your patiance & your question,

The bot 'Service Account' provided for your bot application on the Symphoyn Develop2 pod environment would consist of a RSA Key pair (Private & Public). The public RSA key would be required to be uploaded via the Symphony Admin Portal and applied to the specific 'Service Account' used for the bot application.

With the error message you have provided - it looks as if there is an error with the authentication where it is not al...

one year ago
0 Form Button create Post request to endpoint in another (analyser) service

Hi Katina,

Thank you for your patiance & for your question,

When the bot application receives the event via the datafeed, when the form button has been submitted - you will be required to invoke the bot application logic to send an event or message to the analyser service endpoint.

Here is an example condition and what it might look like:
'if form value = true then...<app logic>'

You may be able to also use a webhook in the scernario you have described to respond to the form ...

one year ago
0 MessageML if Statement

Hi Jordi,

Thank you for your question,

Jinja2 is a templating engine for Python and should be possible to use it with Symphony BDK Python if the correct syntax is used. To ensure both Jinja2 & Symphony BDK Python is installed on your Python project, you will need the following packages are included in the 'requirements.txt':


From your screenshot - it looks like you are using FreeMarker syntax before the '*IF...

one year ago
0 Setting margins for the checkbox or add space into the text field

should we use it with CSS or direct right it with form messageML format, An example to implement these style attribute would be very helpful.

It would be advised to review the documentation link provided then try to formulate the MessageML in the PresentationML Renderer Tool to test to see whether the MessageML will render in Symphony.

As mentioned - there is similarities but not a direct like for like to other markup languages - meaning there will be small differences to the style fo...

one year ago
0 change colour of button in symphony chat bot form

Hi Kunaal,

Thank you for your question,

For the 'Submit Button' - you will not be able to alter the colour of the button as this is specifically set to follow the submit action.

However, if you take a look at the following documentation - you will find that there is other ways to implement the 'Red' button you are looking for. I would recommend reviewing the use case / scenario beforehand as the 'Red' button associates itself with the 'destructive' style format.


one year ago
0 Setting margins for the checkbox or add space into the text field

Hi Kunaal,

Thank you for your question,

The customisation for many of the Symphony MessageML format elements is quite restrictive when compared to other markup languages such as HTML.

You can take a look & review the 'Style Attributes' supported with MessageML:

There might be some limitations on using specific Style Attributes in...

one year ago
1 Public Key Placement for Bot

Hello Jordi,

Thanks for your question,

As an end-user of the Symphony Develop2 sandbox environment - you will not have access to the Admin Portal to manage the RSA public/private keys for the Service Accounts needed for bot authentication.

When signing up to the Symphony Developer Center - you would have recieved a follow up email which would have enabled a service account for testing/learning along with the specific RSA private/public key for you to use.

I would recommend that yo...

one year ago
0 Make Bot OBO and then add himself into group chat and then send message

Hello Kunaal,

Thank you for your question,

With On Behalf Of (OBO), it will require some set up & assistance from the administrator of the Symphony pod environment that you are using.

Firstly, the bot will need to authenticate with the correct permission on the bot & pod environment.

Secondly, you will be required to have an extension application for the OBO with the end user that you plan on using the OBO function with - they will needs to have the OBO extension application enab...

one year ago
0 Formatting of tables

Hi Neil,

Thank you for your question,

The following documentation confirming what is support when formatting messageML tables in Symphony (https://docs.developers.symphony.com/building-bots-on-symphony/messages/overview-of-messageml/messageml-basic-format-tags/tables).

There are many similariates with Symphony messageML to other markup languages such as HTML. However, not all aspects of the markup languages like HTML will be compatible with Symphony messageML.


one year ago
0 Desktop notification has shrunk - how do i resize back to normal ?

Hi Neil,

Thank you for your question,

The notification you are referring to are from the Symphony Desktop Application (SDA). The notification prompt is usually configured from the 'Settings' --> 'Notifications' menu options.

The notifications are usually controlled by the operating system configuration on the computer. However, using the SDA 'Notifications' menu options mentioned above, you can toggle the following option to see whether the notification goes to the si...

one year ago
0 Adding bot into chat rooms

Hi Kunaal,

Thanks for your patiance,

You should be using the Symphony BDK for your bot application (https://docs.developers.symphony.com/developer-tools/developer-tools) e.g. Symphony Java BDK (https://github.com/finos/symphony-bdk-java), as the older SDKs are no longer supported in Symphony.

For your first question - adding a bot into a different chat room will have different factors to consider - mainly the around the permissions.

The permission factors to consider would...

one year ago
0 creating a check box which provides option of multiple selected option and how do we what option is selected.

Hi Kunaal,

Thanks for your question,

Please clarify if I have misunderstood your question, if you are trying to use the Symphony Elements Checkboxes then you will recieve a response for each end-user that responds back to the checkbox form & submits (via button) their feedback.

The response will be sent back to your Symphony bot application, so you will need to can handle the response from the checkboxes and decide on the next steps - whether it is to create a new room or send a ...

one year ago
0 How to check if app is opened inside symphony or directly in browser?

Hi Ankit,

Thank you for clarifying,

When you launch the extension application - it first initialises the 'SYMPHONY.services'.
You can run 'SYMPHONY.services.subscribe()' to subscribe your local application.

The 'SYMPHONY.services.subscribe()' is an important process for the extension application registration.
It finds a service - either local or remote - that has been registered and returns it. It will returns false if the service does not exist.

Failure to subscribe...

one year ago
0 How to check if app is opened inside symphony or directly in browser?

Hi Ankit,

Thank you for your question,

If you wanted to check & troubleshoot whether your extension application was opened inside the Symphony Desktop Client or Symphony Web Client (accessed via web browser) - you will need to use the 'Developer Tools' on each of the clients.

For the Symphony Desktop Client - you will need to click on the following selections from the top naviagation pane.
'Help' --> 'Troubleshooting' --> 'Toggle Developer Tools'

For the Symphony Web Client (...

one year ago
0 Creating an extension app in develop2 sandbox

Hi Hosea,

Thank you for your question,

If you take a look at the following Symphony Developer Forum post - the same question was asked before & answered by my colleague Yong Sheng, which provided a detailed response.


In summary, you can create and develop a new extension application to be used in the Develop2 sandbox environment, however the extension application bundle file will n...

one year ago
0 Connect-app-symphony-to-sql-server: problem with ODBC driver 17.

Hello Hermann,

Thank you for your question in the Symphony Forums.

After initialling reviewing your questions on the internet - it seems the issue might be more on the configuration of the SQL side. Most articles do point towards ensuring that you are enforcing all connections on your application with at least TLS 1.2.

Depending on the current configurations you are using at the moment it may fall back to a lower version of TLS 1.x - so you will need to make sure that all existing an...

one year ago
0 Create multiple chat-bot instances for different pods

Hi Jun King,

Thank you for your question,

You have correctly described the example code for running three bot instances - if you use three different configuration files.

However, it is strongly advised that you do not use the same private/public key pair across three bot instances for three different organisations using Symphony - as this would pose a potential security issue from an authentication point of view. It would be better suited to have three seprate private/public key pair...

one year ago
0 Are messages in the chat room will be deleted at some point in time?

Hi Jun King,

Thank you for your question,

Depending on precisely what information you need when storing the 'StreamID' from your point of view - you may want to use the following REST API endpoints with the 'StreamID' to obtain the information:

Chat Room - Infomation = https://developers.symphony.com/restapi/reference/room-info-v3
Chat Room Stream Information = https://developers.symphony.com/restapi/reference/stream-info-v2
Chat Room - Members = https://develop...

one year ago
0 Is it possible to load Symphony chat box in our custom web application once user is authenticated or has a valid session?

Hi Jun King,

Thank you for your question,

Currently, Symphony does not have any offerings that will suit the requirement that you have described in your message.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

one year ago
0 Sending messages to chatrooms that are subscribed to my bot

Hi Won,

Thank you for your question,

As headless bots are designed to perform execution of scripts on a scheduled basis or after a triggered event from an external system - you may need to review the scenario on how you plan on construct and use the headless bot.

If you plan on send messages by the headless bot to provide information to the chatrooms which the headless bot is already a member of - then you can use the following REST API endpoint (https://developers.symphony.com/resta...

one year ago
0 How to create a chat room between 2 different pods inside our app?

Hi Jun King,

Thank you for your message,

If you & your company are interested in a partnership with Symphony as an integrator or would like to speak to someone about having your own Symphony pod environment - I would recommend that you reach out to the following email addresses with the use case.

Symphony Partners: Partners@symphony.com

If you did obtain your own Symphony pod environment, then you would be able to successfully test & implement the OBO use case which you have d...

one year ago
0 How to use OBO authentication in sandbox mode?

Hi Jun King,

Thank you for your question,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the OBO functionality in the Symphony Develop2 (Sandbox) pod environment. The OBO feature will only be possible to test out if you have your own Symphony pod environment - where you will have Admin Portal access to manage the permission for the Service Account & Application Manifest Bundle File.

From the error you provided - it show that 'OBO is not configured' for the BDK configuration - which wou...

one year ago
0 Pulling up the messages in the room posted before bot was added in the room

Hi Vaibhav,

Apolgises for the delay - can you confirm if you are still having the same SocketTimeoutException issue?

If the issue is still ongoing - I would recommend reaching out to either myself or the Symphony Support team (support@symphony.com) - so we can investigate in more detail to find out precisely.

It is likely that trying to pull messages from a really old chat room would result in the error you quoted - the criteria used to query the chat room may take too long for t...

one year ago
0 Pulling up the messages in the room posted before bot was added in the room

Hi Vaibhav,

Thank you for posting your question.

I have been able to follow the steps to reproduce the exact scenario as you have described:

Step 1 : Create a new chatroom with the 'Let new memebers browse room history' chatroom permission enabled
Step 2: Add messages to the chatroom
Step 3: Add the chatbot into the chatroom
Step 4: Execute the POST Message Search REST API endpoint to obtain the messages (https://developers.symphony.com/restapi/reference/me...

one year ago
0 Difference between chat room and symphony Group

Here are the differences between a chat room and Groups:

  • Chat rooms allow for people to be part of a specific conversation/topic/team.
  • Symphony Groups are a special type of distribution lists - allowing for selected members to be part of groups that end users can search for and start a conversation with.
  • Symphony Groups can be set up to include custom attributes to differentiate between different organizational functions, market coverage & responsibilities.
  • Symphony Groups can be ...
2 years ago
0 BDK Bot Configuration Issue

Hi Ali,

Thanks for your message,

Firstly, we need to make sure that you are using the up-to-date Symphony Generator along with the correct command.

Can you use the Symphony Generator from the FINOS GitHub respository: https://github.com/finos/generator-symphony

If you are using NPM - you can simply use this command to install it:
npm install -g @finos/generator-symphony

The following command will allow you to run the Symphony Generator & generate the BDK ...

2 years ago