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Sending user specific messages from BOT

How can we send user specific messages (i.e. I have to send some exception alerts to group of related users. There can be N number of groups and exception alert should go to specific group of users based on some exception identifier). So do I need to create different chat rooms according to user groups and send alert from the BOT? any better suggestion to tackle with this ? Can I craete symphony app so that user can login to symphony and after opening app he can see exceptions raised for him only?

Posted 2 years ago
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This is more of a cultural rather than technical issue that you should discuss with the users on their preferred experience. There are broadly two ways to go about this:

Option 1: Maintain the user-group mappings outside of Symphony, then lookup the list of users upon the need to send alerts, sending individual 1-to-1 IMs to affected users. Users only see that single IM with the bot, regardless of alert type.

Option 2: As you suggested, create 1 room per alert (or category) type. Administer room membership either manually, self-service (public rooms, users can self-join), or programatically. Maintain the alert type to room mappings in the bot then send a single message into the respective room when the need arises.

Users can also choose to create signals on such alerts if you categorise the alerts using #hashtags, so they can use the signal as the notification feed while using the respective rooms to discuss in a forum with relevant membership.

Posted 2 years ago
Yong Sheng Tan
39 × 2 Administrator
1 Answer
2 years ago
2 years ago