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How to create a chat room between 2 different pods inside our app?

Hi everyone,

We would like to know your thoughts on our plan regarding integration of our system with Symphony. Basically we have our two different systems both build on Angular frontend and Spring Boot backend. Let's say these two different systems are as follows:

  • Attorney's platform (system 1)
  • Client's platform (system 2)

Now what if on both side, we offer a symphony chat icon. So if a client user from system 2 would want to chat with an attorney from system 1 then he/she would click this icon which will open up a chat room with name "Case No: 123456xxx" as an example and from there they will chat as usual. We know this can be done on their own symphony desktop accounts however, we wanted to provide convenience to our users via this integration - like a one-stop shop. I am reading the manual and looks like OBO is what I am looking for but would like to have someone confirm or probably a better one.

So if we go this path, is this something that can be tested in sandbox/development mode? Thank you in advance. Cheers!

Posted one year ago
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Hi Jun King,

Thank you for your message,

If you & your company are interested in a partnership with Symphony as an integrator or would like to speak to someone about having your own Symphony pod environment - I would recommend that you reach out to the following email addresses with the use case.

Symphony Partners: Partners@symphony.com

If you did obtain your own Symphony pod environment, then you would be able to successfully test & implement the OBO use case which you have described above.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Kind regards

Posted one year ago
Kaosar Ahmed
310 × 3 Administrator
1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago