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Creating check boxes in bot message

Wanted to know if we could use forms and check boxes to take inputs from users and wanted a reference for creating forms with check boxes.

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
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Hi Kunaal,
Symphony Elements enables developers to create forms with a variety of data input types for capturing information from an end user. One of those is check boxes.

Here is an example here:

The MessageML to create that is shown below.

  <form id="form_id">
    <checkbox name="id1" value="value01" checked="true">Red</checkbox>
    <checkbox name="id2" value="value02" checked="false">Green</checkbox>
    <checkbox name="id3" value="value03" checked="false">Blue</checkbox>
    <button type="reset">Reset</button>
    <button name="example-button" type="action">Submit</button>    

Further information on Symphony Elements and check boxes can be found here:

Kind regards,

Posted one year ago
Vinay Mistry
23 × 2 Administrator