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Adding bot into chat rooms

1.What is the best method to add a bot created according to SDK into multiple chat rooms where each room has different admin. Please provide a solution other than manually adding the bot into the room.

2.What is the best method to send a message into these rooms using bot (if using streamID/roomid of each room then how do we get stream/room Id for each different rooms that the bot is being added into).

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago

could anybody answer this question please really wanted a solution. stuck because of this situtation.

kunaal bokadia   one year ago Report

Say bot receives a request to send message into a chatroom &its not a member of that chat room. 1Then our first aim should find the stream Id of the room and using roominfo find if it is private or public
2Once the chat room is public,after all perimision and approvals the bot is now acting as OBO for the admin and then add itself into the group chat
3then Create message and send via bot into the chat room.
hope this is the method that you send to add the bot into room.
Now ny question how to search room name and get is respective stream Id , find admin then how to assign permission to ...

kunaal bokadia   one year ago Report
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Hi Kunaal,

Thanks for your patiance,

You should be using the Symphony BDK for your bot application (https://docs.developers.symphony.com/developer-tools/developer-tools) e.g. Symphony Java BDK (https://github.com/finos/symphony-bdk-java), as the older SDKs are no longer supported in Symphony.

For your first question - adding a bot into a different chat room will have different factors to consider - mainly the around the permissions.

The permission factors to consider would be:

Should the bot account have the correct permission - using the 'Add Member' endpoint (https://developers.symphony.com/restapi/reference/add-member) would enable the bot to add members to the chat room.

Using the OBO feature, with the correct setup preparation, entitlement and permission with the help of the Symphony Pod Administrator, the bot could act on behalf of the chat room owner to add the users or bot into the chat room. However, there are privacy concerns on a bot being added to a chat room where senstive and confidential information is being discussed. Therefore, the chat room owners may not want to allow other users or bots to be apart of the chat room. It would be advised to check your the Symphony Pod Administrator on the feasability of using OBO before proceeding down this option - as the bot may not be compliant to be a member of sensitive chat rooms.

For your second questions - using the Create Message V4 is the most commonly used Symphony REST API endpoint when sending messages (https://developers.symphony.com/restapi/reference/create-message-v4).

You can use the following List User Stream Symphony REST API endpoint (https://developers.symphony.com/restapi/reference/list-user-streams) to return back with the list of StreamID chat room conversations that the bot is a member of. If the bot has been added to the chat room - using the endpoint will provide the StreamID for those rooms.

You can then use the Room Info V3 Symphony REST API endpoint (https://developers.symphony.com/restapi/reference/room-info-v3) to validate the chat room information.

Hopefully that has answered your questions - if you still have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us again.

Posted one year ago
Kaosar Ahmed
310 × 3 Administrator
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