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Public Key Placement for Bot

I think I'm missing a step here. In the documentation it says I need to go to the admin center and register my bot/upload the public key. I can't seem to access anything of the sort in develop2.symphony portal. Any ideas?

Posted one year ago
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Hello Jordi,

Thanks for your question,

As an end-user of the Symphony Develop2 sandbox environment - you will not have access to the Admin Portal to manage the RSA public/private keys for the Service Accounts needed for bot authentication.

When signing up to the Symphony Developer Center - you would have recieved a follow up email which would have enabled a service account for testing/learning along with the specific RSA private/public key for you to use.

I would recommend that you can check the email which might be in your inbox around the time you would have signed up but if you have any questions or feedback - feel free to let us know.

Kind regards

Posted one year ago
Kaosar Ahmed
310 × 3 Administrator
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one year ago
one year ago