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ECP implementation

Hi Team,

I would like to know how to implement ECP in the exiting application.

What are all the dependency we need to check in application.

How to consume ECP?

Any Demo video or implementation document is available ?

Sabarirajan M**

Posted one year ago
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Hi Sabarirajan,

Thank you for your patiance,

At the moment, you will need to engage with your Symphony representative in regards to the Symphony ECP.

We currently have the following Symphony ECP documentation, this will be changed in the upcoming months when the documentation is added to the official Symphony Developer Documentation site.

Symphony ECP Documentation: https://symphony-1.gitbook.io/embedded-collaboration-platform-private/

In order for your organisation to use Symphony ECP there will need to be a legal review on the use case/scenario. As Symphony ECP is not part of the core offering, there will also need to be a separate contract if your organisation want to move forward with Symphony ECP.

Please let us know if you have any comments or feedback on the topic.

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
Kaosar Ahmed
310 × 3 Administrator
1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago