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Resilience4j Issue with BDK 3

We are facing the following error while trying to configure the symphony-bdk-bom-3.0.0.RC3, please help me to resolve this issue, we are using the resilience4j version as follows


Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 'java.lang.Object io.github.resilience4j.retry.Retry.executeCheckedSupplier(io.vavr.CheckedFunction0)'
at com.symphony.bdk.core.retry.resilience4j.Resilience4jRetryWithRecovery.execute(Resilience4jRetryWithRecovery.java:65)
at com.symphony.bdk.core.auth.impl.AuthenticationRetry.executeAndRetry(AuthenticationRetry.java:85)
... 135 more

Posted 8 months ago
Edited 7 months ago
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This is now addressed in 3.0.0.RC4


Posted 7 months ago
Yong Sheng Tan
39 × 2 Administrator

Yes, it looks like the resilience4j version that we are using is pretty out to date, BDK's client retry mechanic is building on resilience4j 1.7.1, and resilience4j changed the executeCheckSupplier method signature, this is the cause of your problem.
As you can see this BDK3.0.RC is not an official release, we'd like to see the feedback on the test both internally and externally, we will update the resilience4j dependency version in a next RC release.
Meanwhile, you unfortunately have to stick with the default resilience4j version from BDK.

thank you very much for your report.

Please note that BDK is an open source project in github, we'd like to switch our support completly from this forum to github, so any open issues will be shared to the community, i would kindly suggest you to post any issues directly to github project next time, https://github.com/finos/symphony-bdk-java/issues.

Posted 8 months ago
4 Answers
8 months ago
7 months ago