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Symphony Chat forms: Refresh of browser/reload of chat allows for buttons to be pressed again and forms to be filled again

Hi All,

I am developing a bot which recieves questions and sends answers. Some answers the bot sends out contain forms and buttons which users can press. When pressed, the form entity become inactive. When the browser is refreshed/app reloaded, these 'inactive' buttons and forms are also refreshed and they become active again.

Is there any method to prevent this beyond deleting the messages containing the forms? e.g. attaching a piece of information to a form message to permanently make the form inactive?

Many thx,


Posted one year ago
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Hi George,
Thank you for the question.

So the behaviour you are seeing is highlighted here in this known limitation, https://docs.developers.symphony.com/building-bots-on-symphony/messages/overview-of-messageml/symphony-elements-1#known-limitations

So there are a couple of options to address this which are detailed below.

Option 1.
To ensure forms are not re-submitted you would need to store the 'form-id' and the userId values in a datastore. Your bot application can then determine if the form was already submitted or not. The structure of the payload can be found here, https://docs.developers.symphony.com/building-bots-on-symphony/messages/overview-of-messageml/symphony-elements-1

Option 2.
Another option is to use the Message Update feature to disable the form once the first reply has been received.

Hope that helps.

Posted one year ago
Vinay Mistry
23 × 2 Administrator
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one year ago
one year ago