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Difference between Chat Room and Symphony Group

What is the difference between chat rooms and Symphony groups?

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Here are the differences between a chat room and Groups:

  • Chat rooms allow for people to be part of a specific conversation/topic/team.
  • Symphony Groups are a special type of distribution lists - allowing for selected members to be part of groups that end users can search for and start a conversation with.
  • Symphony Groups can be set up to include custom attributes to differentiate between different organizational functions, market coverage & responsibilities.
  • Symphony Groups can be configured whereby the members within the groups can be provisioned to only communicate internally or externally.

The Groups endpoints are listed along the other endpoints on the REST API reference:

You can also review this webinar on BDK Extensions and the Groups extension at the end to find out how to implement groups as part of your BDK project.

Posted 2 years ago
Edited 2 years ago
Kaosar Ahmed
310 × 3 Administrator

is there any document or implementation steps to work on Symphony Groups? Is yes, can you share .

Currently we are using Symphony 2.0: we dont have options to create the groups. Kindly advice.

Sabarirajan Manoharan   2 years ago Report

@<1401467026379116544|Sabarirajan Manoharan> please comment on an answer instead of writing a new answer if you are not submitting a solution to the original question - i've helped to convert your comment

Yong Sheng Tan   2 years ago Report

I've also edited the above answer to include links to the REST API documentation and a webinar that demonstrates how to implement groups in your BDK project. For frontend administration of Groups, it is only possible via the Admin Portal - please speak with your pod administrator to find out more.

Yong Sheng Tan   2 years ago Report